Thursday, 31 March 2016

Success Stories from the Studio

Kube Studios News

No fashion photography studio in the UK is more connected than Kube Studios. If you are an aspiring model and want to know if you have what it takes then look no further. Kube Studios work with child models, teen models, male, female and body parts models to bring out the best in them and help them create a great modelling portfolio.

Modelling portfolios are used by models to send to modelling agencies. Kube Studios mentors are well connected to many different agencies and can not only ensure your photos are the right quality to be submitted, but guide you in how best to use them and who to approach. Kube Studios is not a modelling agency.

They are based in London, but also have studios in Birmingham and Manchester. Soon, they are unveiling their new Miami studio, taking them across the pond. Here is an example on Twitter of a model from the studio who got noticed by a modelling agency thanks to their team.

If you are interested in contacting them, then visit the Kube Studios website. Read Kube Studios reviews here. You can also follow Kube Studios on Facebook and watch this video about them here:

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