Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kube Studios Guide to Self Confidence

Guide to Having Self Confidence

Being a successful model in the modelling industry whether that's a commercial model or a fashion model you need to be authentic. This sense of self-belief builds your confidence and sets you apart from your competition and believe me no matter how good you are there will always be competition.
Being confident is a skill not all of us have naturally and may take years to build. The key is knowing your model and using all of your assets to the best of your ability. Whether they're your legs, arms, hands, eyes or hair, know what your selling points are and work them. Believing in yourself comes from trying. You have to try to succeed.

As a model on the runway you have to have particular measurements to be successful. These days there is a backlash against gaunt and overly skinny catwalk models, and the editor of Vogue was recently on the news saying she will have a word with any designer she sees using such models.  Your proportions are what many women diet for so count yourself lucky and love your elegance. When you are not working if you are conscious of your shape there are tricks that can give you more volume at the hips and chest by adding pleats and gathered fabrics. Belts to cinch in waists will emphasise your hips and chests.

Commercial models are your top high-street models. Your measurements will all be different but it is still so important to know your body shape in order to be confident. Being pear-shaped means staple pieces like a-line skirts and loose trousers are a winner for you and structured tops and jackets will broaden those shoulders for you. Ladies who are bottom heavy similarly to the pear shape you should be wearing pieces to broaden your shoulders to balance you out and tulip shaped pencil skirts  are perfect for you. If you are petite then feel free to keep things above the knee and don't be scared of wearing bright colours to keep yourself seen.

Being confident is something that comes from within and knowing your body is the best way to start taking control of who you are and being the best you can possibly be. Take the time to look in the mirror and work out what shape you are. Lets see if what you have in your wardrobe enhances that amazing shape of yours. We all have to fake it sometimes but our bodies are our own and we should all feel beautiful and secure in our own skin.

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