Monday, 27 January 2014

Kube Studios Guide for Eating Right

Kube Studios Diet Tips

You are what you eat. You can only look healthy if you eat healthy food, which gives you the energy to exercise and look your best. This is why Kube Studios has made this list of the best diet tips for you to stick to. This will help you achieve that modelling physique you want and potentially open the doors to you getting accepted to a modelling agency. Kube Studios and Fusion Studios are photography studios specializing in modelling portfolio shoots.

Tip 1 - Do not eat for entertainment, boredom or emotional reasons. Many people smoke and blame their smoking on stress. However, the only thing a cigarette does it relieve the stress caused by the nicotine craving itself. It is the same with food, the more you eat the more you'll stress about your eating. If you blame your eating on stress, or boredom, or that it's there and your self destructive side tempted you into it, then you may develop unhealthy eating habits. This can lead to you becoming overweight, have bad skin, diabetes and a much lower self esteem. This can impact your career and personal life negatively as well. Therefore, don't over eat, don't eat because you are bored - chew gum - only eat at set times - don't skip meals and don't eat between meals - for any reason. Food is nutrition, that's it.

Tip 2 - Eat good food. Many people with poor eating habits, have poor nutrition. This is because they can't cook or prepare their own food. They therefore rely on restaurants, or ready meals for nutrition. However, the priority of these foods is to be as salty, fatty, greasy - and therefore as tasty as possible. Not your priorities for losing weight! For breakfast, have cereal. For lunch prepare a sandwich yourself. For dinner, cook a simple and nutritious meal. Use ingredients you are happy to put in your body, on'es not starting with E.

Tip 3 - Do not drink Cola. Any Cola, or any other caffeinated fizzy drink. Drink water or tea at all times. Avoid alcohol because it contains so many calories you would not believe, and coffee, because it dries your skin. When you get bad skin the first thing you do is cover it up with make-up, which clogs the pores in your already bad skin, making your skin worse, and making you need to buy more make-up. I would not be surprised if the bosses of the alcohol companies, and the coffee companies, the fizzy drink companies and the make-up industry met in secret to discuss their plan for ruining the world's skin, I think it's called the Bildenberg Conference.

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