Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Kube Studios - Common Winter Beauty Problems

Kube Studios advice for winter beauty problems. 

Winter is fast approaching which means the cold weather and wind will affect your hair and skin. Here Kube studios tips to help your during the winter period 

Dry Skin - Its very common in winter to suffer from dry skin. To help reduce this try to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin. Use a gentle cleanser in the morning and a hydrating cleanser at night. If your suffering from really dry skin, use a
a heavier moisturiser and apply before bed. You could also use a layer a hydrating oil under your moisturiser to give it extra softness. 

Static hair - In the colder months we tend to wear hats to keep our heads warm, however when your hair is dry and you remove your hat, your hair can go all static. To help reduce this you can make sure you're hydrating your hair properly. This will help prevent your hair from being dry. Also wait before using finishing products if you have to wear a hat outside as finishing product can make it worse. 

Dull Complexion- In winter our skin can look duller which makes you look more tired. To help brighten your complexion you can use illuminating products. You can add the  illuminating lotion to your foundation or lotion to brighten up your face. Also you can use a highlighter along your nose and above your cheekbones to really make your skin shine. 

Watery EyesCold weather can make your eyes well up with tears which can be annoying as it always looks like your upset. To help keep your make up in check use eye makeup primer to help prevent smudges under your eyes. Also you eyes can get red and itchy in winter so try to always bring soothing eyes drops with you to help keep them looking healthy. 

Hopefully with these tips you can always look your best no matter what weather conditions your in.

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