Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Kube Studios tips on how to pose in a photo shoot

How to pose in a photo shoot.

Like any profession, it can take years to build up the right knowledge for your industry. Modelling is not different, there are many things you could practice before your photo shoot. Here Kube Studios guide to how to pose correctly at photo shoots. 

  1. Use a mirror.  Learn how your body looks and moves. The mirror is a perfect tool to give you an idea of what the camera can see.
  2. Use separation between your limbs from your body. This helps to prevent your arms and legs from being squashed against you and making you look awkward. This can also give an illusion of a slimmer figure. 
  3. Lighting. Use lighting to your advantage. For example, if you raise an arm to the light, it could be a whole lot brighter in camera than your face this is because it’s the object closest to the source of light. This will also cast a shadow across you, which will not be flattering.  To counteract this you can use your other arm or move your arm a backwards slightly, so it is away from the direct beam of light. Learning how the light will fall is very helpful when you are trying to get a perfect pose.
  4. Eyes. sometimes if you not careful your eyes can look un- focused. To try and avoid this follow the line of your nose so it keeps your sight straight, this will also prevent too much of the white of the eye showing.
  5. Elongate your neck. This can simulate height and poise. This can be hard to remember because it feels unnatural. Try standing in front of the mirror and stand how you would normally. Then try rolling your shoulders back allowing your face to come forward. This should make a difference in the width of your neck. You can also try popping your jaw towards the camera this creates a strong line as your will have created a shadow
  6. Smaller waist.  You can create an slimmer appearance by positioning yourself to the camera, then you can create the waist you want seen with positioning of your hands on the hips
  7. Hands. It is important to keep your hands loose, try not to clump your fingers together and try to not show as much of the back of your hand. This is because the sides of your hands are smaller and dainty so they look better in photos.

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Kube Studios Guide to getting the perfect smile.

Guide to getting the perfect smile 


At Kube Studios will understand that your first modelling session can be daunting, it can be hard to get a smile that looks natural. At Kube Studios we love it when our clients have fun at their photo shoots and to help you get your perfect smile here some of our tips to help.

As a model you are constantly asked for different expressions and to present different moods in a photo. But when you need to smile for real, you cannot really fake it. To get a believable grin it helps to use a time when you were feeling happy. Whether it’s thinking of a funny joke or happy memory, it helps if you look happy in photos. If you want to achieve genuine smile you can try lifting your tongue up behind your front teeth. This raises your chin ever so slightly and it helps to open up your mouth a bit.
Most professional models actually practice their smile to make sure it looks natural. Models sometimes practice in front of the mirror and this helps them to not look awkward when they are at a photo shoot. Most models have a range of different smiles so they can mastered different looks that is cater for the photo shoot they are doing. For example they may have surprise smile, flirting smile, coy smile and fun smile. It is important to be aware that you may have to show many different emotions and to be aware of how your face looks when you’re doing these different smiles.
Another great tip to keeping your smile natural is to yell a word before every frame. This helps to keep yourself from becoming glazed over or stiff, it can also help you to keep your energy going during a long photo shoot.

In any modelling photo shoot it is important to try and not force a smile, many people can make the mistake of showing all their teeth in a joker grin. In most situations this does not produce a natural looking smile. Smiling with your lips closed can be just as authentic, as long as you are conveying a real emotion with your eyes. 

So if your budding model or just want more natural looking smiles for your social media photos try our tips, you never know you might just discover that one perfect smile.  

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