Monday, 30 March 2015

What's in a picture?

Portfolio Advice from Kube Studios

Kube Studios are one of Britain's favourite photography studios. With studios in London, Birmingham and Manchester we cover the majority of England and have a track record of producing fantastic portfolios and commercial projects. What is in a picture? The first thing to consider is, who is the viewer? What is your audience. 

For most people, their audience is their friends, family and acquaintances, often shared on Facebook. To think about a modeling portfolio in the same way as this is immediate failure. Your audience is not the same, and they are looking at different things. Here are some tips from Kube Studios.

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Kube Studios
Steps you can take before approaching an agency:

- If you can't afford a professional photoshoot, there is no reason why you can't try to make your own. Against a plain, well lit background - perhaps a sunny living room wall - have a friend take photos of your face, profile, and full body. Avoid wearing clothes that hide your figure and wear what accentuates your best attributes. Go light on the makeup, perhaps just concealer and some basic touches. Make up can change the apparent shape of your face and mislead the viewer.

- Make sure that the photos taken are a true representation of you. As with the make up, if you send your photos to an agency and they meet (who they think) is a different person than the one in the photos, then things won't work out. Be as honest as you can and accept anything you don't like about your look rather than trying to hide it. This could be the thing that sets you apart from someone else.

- Create your modeling resume, or z-card. Startup Models actually offer this service specifically. The z-card doesn't have to be particularly impressive, although it should have something that shows experience of dealing with people and being the focus of attention. It should also be presented well to get the best response possible. Many people who want to become models experience stage fright to the point that they can't do the job - and they don't realise that they are susceptible to it until they get there!

Watch the Kube Studios video and find out more about our services and locations.