Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Looking After Yourself As A Male Model

Kube Studios Male Modelling

Kube Studios are specialists in Male Modelling. Here are three steps towards ensuring you are at your male modelling best on every photo shoot. As well as working out and eating healthily, here are some ideas you may not have thought to do.

Get  Plenty of Rest

Have a good nights sleep before any photo shoot. As you get closer to your deadline you'll begin to feel the effects of the diet and training and start looking gaunt. Your body will also increase its cortisol levels which can result in losing muscle and storing water around your midsection.

A great way to avoid this is to rest. Strive for at least eight hours each night, and if you can get more, do so. If you can take a nap during the day, take it.

Get Massages

This will help you have good posture. Getting a good quality massage will help relieve the discomfort you feel from your training and diet. But you'll be surprised how much loosening your body can improve your spirit and help you make the most of your final few workouts.

Pleasures are few and far between during a major cut like this, so pamper yourself where you can. If it helps, you can justify the increased expense because your food budget goes down over the 10 days.

Get A Tan

Great for topless shoots. Tanned skin simply looks better under the lights, and it will showcase more definition. If you're afraid of getting a real tan because of the dangerous rays, well, a fake tan never hurt anyone—although bad fake tans have bruised a lot of egos!

You can get a professional spray-on tan, which is well worth the cost if you're preparing for a show or photo shoot. Keep in mind, that even a good fake tan almost never looks as good as a natural tan, so if you can get some natural sunlight in gradual increments each day, you'll look much healthier.

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