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Kube Studios works with a diverse range of models, as we have expertise in a wide range of photography services. We can help you with your unique image, modelling techniques, how to pose and present yourself, as well as building you a professional yet affordable portfolio with the photos you need to make you stand out.

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Kube Studios

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Kube Studios Advice - Female Models

Female modelling is exciting and rewarding but you need advice if you are new to the industry. If you dream has always been to become a female model then Kube Studios can assist you in your journey and help to kick start your modelling career.
To become a model you need more than good looks and a good body. You need the right attitude lots of ambition and the determination to succeed.
Modelling can be a thrilling career choice and can be very rewarding, however it is competitive especially for female models so you need to have something special that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Kube Studios Advice - Male Models

There are many opportunities for male models within the modelling industry. The secret is knowing what type of male modelling you are suitable for and then targeting the right model agencies that suit your requirements.
As a male model, you may be right for commercial or high street modelling, health and fitness, editorial, high fashion or alternative modelling.
More and more male models are seen on catwalks and in magazines from Vogue to Men’s Health. If you have the look, talent and determination you could be a successful model.
If you are trying to become a male model, you need to take care of your appearance. If you are well toned with a good physique then you could target mens health magazines. However if you have more of a slight frame then you may be more suited to fashion brands like Calvin Klien. You need a good versatile portfolio to sell yourself.

Kube Studios Advice - Teen Models

Teenagers need a good strong family network to support them if they are to work as a model alongside studying at college or school. It is important that you have an alternative career to fall back on and so leaving education to pursue a career as a model should be given serious thought.
There is a huge market for Teen Models and young guys and girls are always needed for television commercials, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and billboard advertisements.
We offer a very nurturing environment for young teens and can provide lots of important information and advice to parents and teens when starting out as a new model.

Kube Studios Advice - Plus Size Models

Plus size models are in more demand than ever. Beauty and skinniness are now two separate things. We encourage models to pursue their dream no matter what their size is. We have a skilled and experience team on hand to give you everything you need to shine. If you have the determination and that special something that sets you apart, the sky is the limit.

Read this recent BBC news story on plus size model Jenny Runk:

Kube Studios is not a modelling agency in the sense we do not sign models up and find them jobs. We can help aspiring models stand the best chance of getting signed to a modelling agency, or set up as an independent professional model.

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Kube Studios

Kube Studios are a photography studio based in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We are dedicated to providing the resources and expertise aspiring UK models need to take their career a next step.

We have over 30 staff with experience in top agencies on hand on ensure you have the best experience possible. We are not a modelling agency, we do not provide models modelling jobs. We charge only for the work we do, i.e photo shoots and portfolios, and prices start from £50. There is no obligation to buy any photos from us. We are here to help.

If you are interested in pursuing modelling, as professional modelling portfolio from Kube Studios can only help. Even if you do not want to model, rather become an actor/actress, TV presenter, work in promotions, you need something of quality to send out that represents you well.

To find out more about Kube Studios, visit our website

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